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Orphans Light Inc.

Bringing education, hope, faith and economic solutuions  to orphans and widows in Uganda.

A Ministry to Orphans & Widows

Your support and donations will help provide food, housing and education to orphans and "at risk" children in Rakai district of Uganda, Africa.   

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Thank You and God Bless You. 

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About Us

Working Together

Rakai Orphans Development Initiative (RODI), was founded in 2009 by Johnson Lwondo and Richard Mutaawe, who were both orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Uganda in 1990.  They are today dedicated to aiding children in the Rakai district still affected by poverty and disease. 

Orphans Light Inc. (OL), is a non-profit organization supporting the work of RODI.  OL sends 100% of all tax deductible donations to support this effort. You can sponsor a child, purchase crafts, donate to the school or host a gathering to share their story.  

The Boarding School

In rural Uganda, the way out of chronic poverty requires a good education.  Orphans and "at risk" children are often kept out of school to find food or fetch water just to survive.  Public schools are poor and transportation is unavailable.  The A.C.T. Junior School project (Phase One) was completed and dedicated in February 2018.   Funded by donations from US supporters, the school is providing  food, education and adult supervision to over 500 elementary grade orphans and at risk children.  Many of these are supported through child sponsorship and other donations.  Phase Two growth will continue to add students and need financial support.  Will you partner with us with a donation of any amount to the boarding school operation and/or the child scholarship fund.  

Feeding Program

From its beginning, RODI has partnered with an international feeding organization called  'Feed My Starving Children'  (FMSC) in a relationship where RODI receives "Manna Packs" of fortified food for the cost of shipping.  These provisions feed sponsored children/families supported by RODI and are also distributed by RODI to feed 'a meal a day' to several thousand more children  in the Rakai district.  


Business / Training Projects

RODI has invested in several self supporting and training projects.  The Amazing Grace Bakery (see picture) started in 2015 is a very successful venture that accomplished some key goals; providing a funding source for the ministry itself as well as providing training and jobs for aged out youth. Investments in a welding shop and a wood working shop have also provided youth training and furnishings for the boarding school project.  Eyes are on a sewing project within school to train students to make uniforms for the boarding school students and for sale to other schools as well.  Donations for the sewing machine project would be a great boost to its success.  

Hope Again Women

A key component to rebuilding the family unit in rural Uganda is providing enterprise to widows, aunties and grandmothers  who are often the only care givers and source of income to fractured families.  The Hope Again Women project was started early to train women in crafting (rather than prostituting themselves or abandoning the family).  RODI will  train, supply, inspect, and purchase these crafts (mostly beaded jewelry and baskets) for resale in the USA or elsewhere.  These crafts are sold by Orphans Light, A.C.T. and also on the website of Feed My Starving Children.  These crafts not only provide support, but are also a visible testimony to the work of RODI.  

Child Sponsorship Is Key

Certainly the most effective way to partner with Orphans Light in the support of orphans and widows, is to sponsor a child on a monthly basis.  RODI is committed to  dedicating all sponsor dollars to the child's needs and education. There are no administrative costs deducted from the sponsored gifts.  Your participation would be a blessing to this effort.   If your heart is led to sponsor, then contact us at for arrangements.  Kathi and husband Rick  have seen the blessing that sponsorship can bring.  RODI co-founder Johnson Lwondo was their sponsored child through World Vision starting in 1990.   Donations for a sponsored child are currently $30 per month. 

Your Support is A Blessing

Thank you again for your consideration and generous gifts.   PLEASE CONTACT US  (below) to designate the direction or purpose of your donation.  God Bless. 

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every dollar counts

Help Us Stretch The Dollars

Our desire is to send every dollar to support the orphans and widows.  When you are confident in us, we encourage donors and sponsors to consider a "bill pay" EFT approach to contributing to Orphans Light. This saves credit card and other transaction fees.  Thank you very much.  

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